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History and about us
Our readers have given reviews that our website is complex. We apologise for the same. Our clients are businessmen who usually operate in an international environment, understanding complexities involved therein. They also earn and spend large sums of money, manage people and resources of all kinds and generate profits from their actions.
We commenced our Fujairah operations in 2006 and were able to pass the registration requirements in 2009. The name was changed from “Behl, Lad and Al Sayegh, Chartered Accountants LLC” to “Prudential Auditing, Chartered accountants LLC” in 2011. The constitution changed from a Limited Liability Company to an Establishment in 2014.
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Auditors and accountants in UAE
Our presence in UAE and India
Audit firms are evaluated by (a) the number of clients they have, (b) the size, qualification and experience of their audit team, (c) the auditing practices employed, (d) the quality of the financial statements released by them and (e) their international affiliation that ensures peer reviews and enhancements.
We specialize in verification, compliance audits, due diligence and certification. Our high degree of expertise helps clients in forensic audits. The bulk of our practice comprises of statutory audits, annual audits, accounting services, company formation, supply chain audits and project accounting / financial feasibility reports.
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Prudential Auditing is the operational headquarter at Faseel, Off Corniche, Fujairah. Verico Auditing is located at Barsha Heights, Dubai and the back-office is at Nasik, India
Our people are our strength. Without our people, we would be unable to perform, we’ll not exist. They are exposed to multiple business environments and acquire the innate ability to understand numbers in a way that enables them to, besides auditing, provide a wide range of services.
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Auditing services in UAE
Accountancy services in UAE, India and Globally
We are registered as approved auditors with the DMCC and DAFZA. Since we are based in Fujairah, our reports are preferred in the Fujairah Free Zone.
Our accounting practice comprises mainly of business accounting services. The in-house three-tier system ensures that accounting is done as per IAS and reporting as per IFRS as required in the UAE.
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Company formation and company liquidation
Supply chain audit
We advise you on the constitution, location and documentation aspects of company formation. We represent you for submission and collection of documents, where it is allowed to do so.
A crucial internal control tenet is keeping the purchase function and finance function separate. Independent is even better. However, in smaller organisations, this is seldom practiced. And where colleagues have worked together for several years, the lines of professionalism often get blurred.
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Due Diligence
Our auditors conduct due diligence by ascertaining (a) the genuineness of the past financial records, (b) the possibility of achieving the projections indicated, (c) the physical presence and realisability of assets mentioned, (d) the payable component of the liabilities disclosed and those that are possible to be determined although not specifically disclosed, (e) the ownership documents of the business, (f) the possibility of legal and other contingent claims and (g) the overall management position.
Third parties prefer to rely on certified information. This is especially true for government authorities, international trade and courts of law. We provide statements certified by licensed accountants and for international application, these are attested from the chamber of commerce in which we are registered for verification of the signature of our authorised signatory.
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Giving – Corporate Social Responsibility
We train (a) fresh accountancy graduates and students (b) accountants and finance managers of clients and (c) auditors of other audit firms – this is a CSR initiative.
2017 is declared as the year of giving in UAE. We have decided to make it the decade of giving. For the next 10 years, every month, we will give one piece of accounting knowledge for free to the world.
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